The gingham dog went "bow-wow-wow!"
And the calico cat replied "mee-ow!"
The air was littered an hour or so,
with bits of gingham and calico"
(Eugene Field)


day three

(Although I have not blogged in many a moon, I am picking up right where I left off)

Thank you for being patient.

This is day three of the rest of my life. Thursday S & I took J, our youngest child, to college, and K, our oldest child, moved back to her college, too. So it's just S and I home alone, empty nesters...

It's strange, and it's very, very quiet here. Some differences. When I leave a room, it's still the same way when I get back. I was able to do all of my loads of laundry without being interrupted.

I had lots of computer time. I made a delicious dinner with only two chicken breasts, not 4 or 6.

There has been no drama, no facebook, no outbursts. Just calm & quiet & peace.

It's too quiet. But I am adapting.

I made the girls cards to send tomorrow. My plan is to send them each a homemade card every week. I've been pretty good about that with K her first three years of college. Here is one of the cards that I am going to send.

A shout out to Kristina Werner

for her design inspiration on this one. I like the way the stitching on the left balances everything.

I think that K will truly love this one.

I think that J will love this one.

and finally, one for my friend S, who is going through some hard times.

S and I are embracing the new adventure. He spent the entire weekend down the shore on his sailboat. I went down Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and we took a speed boat to a restaurant and rode bikes all around Longport and had some sandwiches watching the sunset on the beach and jetty. I love to ride my bike so much!

Wonder what day four of the rest of our lives will be like?

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