The gingham dog went "bow-wow-wow!"
And the calico cat replied "mee-ow!"
The air was littered an hour or so,
with bits of gingham and calico"
(Eugene Field)


domino delight!

Another great luncheon with my card- (errr, domino-) playing friends. Thanks to J for a great lunch and to S, BB and P for some competitive tiles.
(Ahhh, so sad, I will miss these Tuesdays so much when school starts again next hoo.... here's wishing you all a one-dot-three-dot you remember our lesson? Harmony!)
In my typical end of summer rush to clean up my workshop yesterday, I found a pack of scrapbooking frames that I bought at a scrapbooking yard sale for $1. There were at least 50 frames in the pack. They looked like this:
This is actually three pieces, an outside frame, an inside frame and the rectangle with the word on it by My Mind's Eye. I guess you would use the frames to go around pictures. Not me, though! In my use-everything, take it down to the basics and create way of thinking, I took the three frames apart, like this:

And then I cut them up into strips and played with putting the strips back together. Just like QUILTING!
Here are a couple of cards that I came up with after putting the strips back together...

And, of course, since I was piecing the paper together like a QUILT, I had to sew right onto the card! (I inked these pieces, too.)
Time to create!

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