The gingham dog went "bow-wow-wow!"
And the calico cat replied "mee-ow!"
The air was littered an hour or so,
with bits of gingham and calico"
(Eugene Field)


spooky railroad bridge & romance

Sunday was a fine day!
Stan and I took J to her week-long TIGS camp in North Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap. We went the LONG way there, having headed up the NJ turnpike only to find that it was definitely the LONG {wrong} way to go. We made the best of it and arrived in plenty of time.

The way back was WONDERFUL. Just Stan and I. On an adventure. Like old times. We took the LONG way home, too, cruising a tiny little road along the Delaware River from the Delaware Water Gap down....sometimes it didn't even look like a road, but a driveway through someone's property...

It was wonderful to spend quiet together time this way. We didn't even listen to the radio, just talked and watched the river, the railroad tracks, the one point there was a railroad bridge that we road under, and even though the RR tracks had been abandoned years ago, there was an old, rusty train...lots of cars, including a caboose and a tender...on the tracks just sitting there, not moving. This was in a rather remote area, and it was kind of spooky...

Ahh, the adventures! We went again to Bull's Island, a state park and campground 10 miles south of Frenchtown and 7 miles north of Lambertville that we had camped with the girls several times. It is a WONDERFUL park and campground, with the Delaware River running on one side (complete with weir dam for swimming and entertainment) and the very beginning of the Delaware-Raritan Canal on the other side, and a walking-only, foot bridge over to Pennsylvania.

For us it is a rather romantic spot, and we walked around the campground {holding hands}, out to the point to watch the river and the boats and the people tubing...then around to the various sites that we have camped. It was great!

Here is a card I made last week with a very old Stampin' Up set lent by Ethel:

I used the stamp set to piece the image.

And here's a scrapbook page I have been working on:

The photo doesn't look very good in this picture of the scrapbook page, but in real life, the picture kind of jumps out at you on the page...
I stenciled this page quite a bit with paint and ink, there is a LOT of sewing, along the curvy lines on the left, around the photo especially, and I cut out the letters by hand. Here's to you, Mom and Dad! {Get well soon, Mom!}
Off for more adventures!

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